Good Bye Los Angeles Part Duex

Two days in a row I got together with people to give my last goodbyes and day two was almost just as busy as day one…

First stop, Eagle Rock Brewing. I have always wanted to come to this place but nobodies schedule ever worked out with mine. It is a very good thing that I was able to convince Louie, Monica, and his cousin Jorge to get out here 😀

The building was very small and kind of hidden but that doesn’t make a difference at all when it comes to good beer… and good art.

I figured that if I were coming to this brewery I was going to taste everything they had. I had a couple of their beers previously but those were hard to find and limited release brews. I talked to Jeremy, the owner, for a few minutes as he was on his way out. I have met him once before but figured now I am in his court so why not just talk a bit.

The beers of the night were Manifesto, Ginger Saison, Stimulus, Solidarity, Nitro Solidarity, Revolution, Populist, and Citrus Solidarity. It was hard to say which one of these were my favorite, but out of all the Eagle Rock beers I had Yearling is definitely my number 1. One thing that disappointed me about this place is that they had no more growlers when I showed up 😥 I really wanted one to add to my collection. I do not know why I did not think to see if they had any other glassware I could purchase, like a pint glass or something but I just figured, oh well. Especially since I got a hold of Kyle and Rachel and we all decided to go to Beer Belly Again! (2 nights in a row)

Untapped Check in party.

We left here and headed to Beer Belly where HopHeadJim was waiting to try some of my homebrew. As soon as we got to the bar he popped open my Pirates Booty, an Oaked Rum Porter, that I brought to him the night before. This is every ones favorite of my homebrews and he loved it as well. I had another Black Butte XXIII and questioned if this was a good beer to start out the night after leaving a brewery…

Nikkee, Rachel, and Monica were tired of us boys and decided to get another table. Nikkee ordered the Root Beer Float Flight, Five Rootbeers Floats… Yum, and had fun adding her Ice Cream to the glasses to get some very interesting reactions…

I ordered myself a Twilight ale, (another from the Deschutes event but a summer seasonal not rare release), since I had never had it before and always wanted to try it. I was not disappointed. HopHeadJim then brought us a few flights of Craftsman Triple White Sage and Batch 300. Top Notch Beers.

It was finally time to say goodbye. We were hitting the road the next day for Santa Rosa and still had a lot to do in the way of packing. It was a sad moment but it was a great night. Thank You All.

Good Bye Los Angeles Part Duex

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