Saturday, July 23rd… Telegraph Tasting, ColLAboration, and 38 Degree Alehouse… NO CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!

The day started off very promising. Wallys Wine was having a tasting of Telegraph beers. I am all about tasting beers from every brewery so I decided to go. The staff that was pouring (not Wallys Staff) there was very knowledgable about the beer and the brewery (That’s what they are getting paid for, so they should be) and actually made the experience fun. I found two beers from the brewery that I actually loved, and to find out I had both of those ones before was priceless.

After the tasting it was off to ColLAboration LA.

The first time I went I was highly impressed. ColLAboration is a PopUp beer garden in Los Angeles that has scheduled events all throughout the year in different locations. To get in you buy a glass, and you use the glass to get into each event and then buy tokens in order to drink the beer on tap. Pretty cool concept and things change from each event so it makes it exciting.

This particular event was Belgian Independence Day…

There was not much Belgian beer there. Big let down.

The first time I went was just a random garden next to BluePalms Brewhouse. It was an amazing time. Met a lot of good people there, hung out with some friends, and drank a whole LOT of good beer. Maybe a little too much, but that is all relative.

For the event this week, I assumed that it was at the same location as before, being I thought all the events were the same for the 3 weeks they were running in July. So I drove to BluePalms, paid for parking, and then looked around and was like WTF…

Apparently doing your research has its advantages. I WENT TO THE WRONG PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eff… Luckily the parking attendant gave me my refund for parking even though there were litterally 20 signs that said NO REFUNDS posted all over the lot… but that is our little secret.

Once I felt like a huge idiot, being I drove past the location in order to go to the wrong one, we finally got to the right place… and again, I was not impressed. The prior event I went to had 3 beer trucks and the taps were rotating faster than you could drink a beer. If you found one good one and wanted to have it again, by the time you got back to the front of the line, it was already gone so you had to make a new decision.

At this one, where the “Belgian beer will be flowing”… there were only a few, true Belgian beers… and only 2 trucks… they each had 8 taps on them but nothing struck my interest. I almost got a Sierra Nevada Summerfest because it was the only thing I knew I liked on the whole menu. I avoided it though, because the whole reason I wanted to come was to try new beer.

The selection got old after a short period of time and I was pretty hungry so it was off to 38 Degrees Alehouse! Louie and Monica followed us from ColLAboration to here for dinner.

I got the same Burger I always get, The Kaliwild, (Since they did not have a grilled cheese sandwich not on the kids menu) and a flight of REAL Belgian beers… and one Stout… followed by tasters of 2 IPAs… It was a great night… besides the fact that the HUGE movie theatre next door was not playing Captain America! I mean seriously?!?!?! It is opening weekend and the most American thing you could have done… But oh, they did not have it playing because they had to have 8 screens of Harry Pothead…

I just don’t know what to say… I still have to see Captain America…

Saturday, July 23rd… Telegraph Tasting, ColLAboration, and 38 Degree Alehouse… NO CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!

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