Lucky Buddha

Yup… Lucky(Buddha). This is a beer that I only bought for the bottle. It is actually pretty cool. I was out on one of my, “Lets find some new beer” trips, and this is not one that made it into my cart by my choice.

Anyway, I cracked this open and was a little surprised but mostly thrown off. My first taste seemed to be a little sour and very creamy. That is not what I was expecting at all. As I went back for another taste, those same initial observations were still there but then I noticed a slight honey flavor and it moved toward the way of toffee.

I expected this beer to be a lot thinner. Maybe that creamyness that I was getting was messing with the beers mouthfeel. Another thing that I thought was a bit weird… It may have just been a bad taste in my mouth, but it seemed to have a slightly bitter finish… I don’t have an explanation for that.

I would probably give this one a 2.5 out of 5. It was not bad… Well, there are others that I find worse. I would not buy this one again but I figured what is the worst that could happen from drinking it?… Exactly.


Lucky Buddha

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