Brewery Weekend Part Duex!

To think that was not enough…

We went out to The Bruery the next day. I drank all but two beers they had on their menu. Met up with a few Friends while we were there so that made everything that much better… did not limit the amount I drank though.

The Menu

The Bruery is pretty much a top notch place. There was not a single beer they served me that I did not like. Well, there was one, but it was just not my style. Salt of The Earth. The first Gose style brew I had and it was far too Salty for my taste.

Don’t let that keep you from trying it though. I plan to taste everything else in that style I can find until I decide that it is, or is not right for me. Just think if I kept trying to drink BMC. I would not be the Beer Snob I am today.

Black Tuesday

I ended up taking home a growler of Iniquitous, a “10% ABV Belgian Golden Strong Ale” that is really only 8.1%. As long as they are consistent, right?

Damn good brew though. I will not take that away from them. I honestly did not want to share, and if you knew me, you would know this is weird as hell. I am known as the guy who bring WAY too much beer to everything. I just think it is a wonderous thing and is meant to be shared with everyone. So, if I am in your neck of the woods expect to have too much beer to drink!

This place seems to know exactly what they are doing. I will miss the LA CraftBeer scene once I am gone. Though, I am sure I will find out that the beer where ever I am is just as amazing.

After leaving The Bruery, we went out to 38 Degree’s Alehouse and I had a flight of brews there. They have great food, a great atmosphere, and while all of their servers do not know everything about beer, they are honestly trying.


Alex, our server for the night, admitted he did not know everything about the beer there (but to be fair, they have like 40 rotating taps or something and a huge bottle list, I am surprised he knew as much as he did) but he was always tasting new things and learning everything he could. He was very knowledgeable for how little he said he knew. He was also talking to us about the owner and how he was pretty good with beer and picked some of the best ones available for his restaurant.

If you are ever in the area, I would definetly go out there. It will be well worth your time.


Brewery Weekend Part Duex!

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