Beer Camp

Ahhh, Beer Camp. In the craft brew world this has been a topic of discussion since the new variety pack was released. Even more so since Sierra Nevada announced that entries were being accepted for that Golden Ticket allowing one to come to the brewery and have a mystical time partying and drinking with Oompa Loompas. At first I just shrugged off the idea with thoughts like, “I would never win. What is the point of me entering?”, but after seeing numerous tweets from Sierra Nevada that there were literally only 10 entries, I figured what is the worst that could happen?
Beer Camp Map
I am currently going through a major transition in my life, from that of being a Civilian and becoming a Soldier, and what better way to sound off the past than to get myself in the running for this competition. Shortly after I dedicated myself to doing this, I started thinking up ideas for the script. I thought I had the perfect idea, completely dorky and sure to get some attention. But then SWMBO, AKA Nikkee, had something way better up her sleeves. She wrote out the majority of the script one day while I was out for a run and as soon as I got back she began constructing the costumes.
So I am kind of a Super Hero nut… and use a lot of spandex whenever I wear a costume… This brought on the creation of HopMan! He would die for a good brew and fights for those who are against that fizzy yellow beverage that is often passed as beer and the corporate clutches of the evil Bun Light!
Bun Light!
I strutted my stuff for a while wearing The HopMan Uniform and then figured it might be a good idea to plan a few things out. We figured the house would be the easiest place to shoot this thing and we could be done with it in no time. We assembled the last of the props and blocked out the whole scene. We had a few issues but once we worked through those, everything was ready to go.

The video is available Here. I hope that you all get a chance to watch it and that you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it. I really hope it catches the attention of the judges. That would be beyond amazing. The event takes place, literally days before I leave for Basic Training. Though this leaves us with one question, Will Craft Beer prevail? Or will Bun Light continue to keep us blinded from the truth? Find out at Beer Camp! (hopefully)


Beer Camp

One thought on “Beer Camp

  1. Nice. Love the Beer Camp series, and to be honest, until they released their recent 12 pack, I knew very little. But those beers were impressive and crushed similar projects by other breweries (looking at you Sam Adams). Good for you, entering the next BC contest and I totally respect your decision to enter the military. Good luck to you in all of these opportunities.


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